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Product Name: Simon Protec - Folding Arm2 PA-KL2-DF Rotary Wing
Style no. Folding Arm2 PA-KL2-DF Rotary Wing
-Expecially for rotary wings.
-Wide opening 140, ensure rapid smoke extraction and ventilation in case of fire.
-Premium actuator technology for the electromotive opening and closing of bottom-hung, top-hung and side-hung sashes.
-High performance gear (>20,000 load charges) in combination with S.S. lever arm is very resistant.
-Force upto 1,000N expecially for large and heavy wings, even in strong winds.
-Can be used as synchronous actuator on bottom-hung and top-hung sashes that offer little space for opening.
-Programmable via software interface.
-Low operating cost.

Brand: Simon Protec