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Product Name: UCS - Nano BMSline
Style no. Nano BMSline
Voltage Supply: 24VDC +/-15%
Operation: Programmable
Max. Force: 400N (programable)
Stroke: 200 / 300 / 400 / 500 / 600 / 800 MM (programable)
Locking Force: 3500 N
Limit Stop: Electronic
Safety Stop: Electronic
Synchro: Yes
Feedback: Yes by modbus RTU
Protection Class IP40
Main Features:
-Integrating window automation with the BMS Building Management System enable interaction with other systems in building (HVAC, Lighting...).
-Compatible with all existing BMS
-Controll windows with 100% real-time feedback.
-Actuators has built-in intelligence, no need for external modules.
-Providing two-way communication with computer system.

Brand: UCS